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April 20th, 2008 · 1 Comment

There is a wealth of information on Champ located on the website. Here is a sample of their sightings list.

How many reported sightings of Champ
have there been?
Indeed, there have been over 300
reported sightings in the last 100 years. Here are a few
of the highlights:

  • 1819: Bulwagga Bay, Port Henry, NY
  • 1871: Horseshoe Bay, riders of the
    steamship Curlew claimed to see a head and long neck that
    created quite a wake.
  • 1870: Charlotte, Vermont, a full
    steamboat spotted Champ
  • 1873: Dresden, New York, another
    steamboat full spotted Champ
  • 1945: In the middle of the lake the
    creature was spotted by the famous S.S. Ticonderoga
  • 1954: A 14 inch reptile was trapped
    in Shelburne Bay, possibly a baby…
  • 1977: The Mansi photograph was taken
    by Sandra Mansi, a tourist from Connecticut, with her Kodak
    Instamatic, of what she called a dinosaur. This has become
    the most famous piece of evidence—featured nationally
    in Time Magazine and the New York Times among others.
  • 1984: Off Appletree Point, Vermont.
    86 passengers aboard the Ethan Allen spotted 3 to 5 “humps” which
    disappeared after about 3 minutes due to the approach of
    a speed boat.
  • 1993: Button Bay State Park, Ferrisburgh,
    Vermont. A baby Champ reportedly swam between two women
  • 1995: Dennis Hall of Champ Quest
    recorded Champ on video

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